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One of the all time cheap vacations has been through companies selling time-shares. The holidays are usually only three to four days in length, but make for a pleasant get-away, if you can endure the high-pressure sales pitch that is a part of the activities. You may know people who use this venue almost exclusively for their holidays.Be sure you understand what the word “all-inclusive” means to the person booking your vacation. There are many hidden costs relating to your holiday, and they add to your bottom line. These all must be considered as part of the holiday expenses, especially if you are following a tight budget for the trip.Destination charges can add hundreds of dollars to everyone’s cheap all inclusive holidays. A cruise ship may offer fares that look very attractive if you live in the city where the journey starts and ends, but if you have expensive airfare to get there and back, you can easily end up doubling your costs.An all-inclusive trip may mean that you get the necessities of life, but none of the little extras. Quite often meals are served at precise times, and if you don’t get there during those times, you have to pay for a special meal with a hefty charge. Drinks are complimentary on some cruises and an extra cost on others.Tipping can add a great deal to an all-inclusive vacation. It is important to know if this is expected or the servers are taken care of by their employer. Many people don’t ask the question up front, and then they spend another 7% to 10% more just for gratuities.When you know the exact rules, you can plan your holiday so you don’t come back home with high credit card bills because you ran over your allocation. The one thing that cheap all inclusive holidays are designed for is so people do not exceed their budgets and have to refrain from the next holiday vacation because of the mistake.Resort areas offering package deals may take in less profit because of the special rates, but it usually evens out because there are more takers on the low priced deals. When vacationers know what they will spend ahead of time, they generally enjoy the holiday more, and they will consider vacationing that way again.You may have memories of holidays you took without having a firm grasp on expenses and what you were going to do for food and accommodations. You probably spent much more than you anticipated, and many times, you may have gone to some very unmemorable resorts.The only way to look at these cheap all inclusive holidays is as a win-win situation for you and the attraction you go to visit. Just get all the facts before you make the trip.

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As people “browse” the Web, they “land” on a page and “navigate” on a website. To find their way around they need a “navigation” system. Navigation is as important for web design as for a real life drive: when you drive on a new road you want to see clear marked destinations, exits and parking lots. You want to know where you are and where you go. So do your visitors. Fail to provide a clear road map and they will go back to where they came from. Navigation should be clear and simple. Or better: standard. That means: don’t go around renaming buttons. Use “home” for your index; not “back to base”. Although this “back to base” is rather clear, not all the web users are in the mood for riddles, nor do they have the time to start learning your rules, your style, or your symbols.There are three major types of navigation: global, local and hierarchical.Web designers use global navigation for medium-sized and small websites to categorize the main points of interest. Hierarchical navigation refers to large websites – such as web directories, article directories, news portals and so on. This approach is somehow confusing for web novices: they cannot really find their way, especially when the navigational structure is not clear (some web designers omit important navigational elements such as “you are here”, “back”, “next page” etc.)One important note about local navigation: it works great when you need cross traffic. You could use embedded links to lead your visitors to information that is somewhere else on your website or on a different website. But if you need to link to another website use a target=”_blank” approach that will open the link in a new window. That’s how the visitors will not lose the path back to your website.Many times web designers use a mix of the three navigational styles, depending on the size of a website, its categories and the importance of these categories. As a rule all sites have a global navigation principle: the navigation bar. Standard placements of the navigation bar are on the top or along the left side of the screen. Some designers place the nav bar on the right side – but users are not really familiar with this approach. The worse practice is promoted by flash designers who ignore web usability standards and make the visitors “guess” where the links are.No matter where you want to place the nav bar, remember: keep it simple. Take a look at the websites of big corporations. For example Philips placed the nav bar at the top to define the main categories and uses a java script to help users navigate to particular points of interest. On secondary pages Philips is using a left navigation bar. All in one, the web designers that created the website for Philips used all three major types of navigation, but the design respects one radical principle: “Sense and simplicity”. That’s right: Philips’ slogan applies perfectly as a fundamental rule when it comes to web design.

Jamaican Blue Mountains: Celebrate Your Love of Travel and Coffee! | travelling and hotels

Are you a coffee lover that also loves to travel? You can start out by celebrating your love of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee in Jamaica, home of the beautiful Blue Mountains.Jamaica has quite a few places to visit while you are there, starting with Kingston. Kingston is a major hub in Jamaica, making it the perfect vacation spot for cultural and art enthusiasts. Kingston is actually the political, economic, and social capital of Jamaica. If you want to see authentic Jamaican art, you can check out the Mutual Life Gallery to begin. There are exhibitions that change on a monthly basis, and there are also long-term exhibitions available for viewing. Kingston also offers authentic dining in the form of Thai and African food to satisfy your palate while you are there.If you want to get closer to the beach and sparkling blue water, you can check out Negril, where you will find it crystal clear water, black cliffs, and a mellow and relaxing location. This is the perfect spot to vacation to see true beauty and authentic culture in Jamaica. There is a Sandals Resort at that location if you want to stay in an all-inclusive hotel, or you can also visit Cousins Cove, a small inlet on the coast that doesn’t see many tourists.Last of all, you can conclude your time in Jamaica by hiking to the peak of the Blue Mountains, which is where the exclusive coffee of the same name is grown. As a coffee lover, you may already be familiar with the fact that Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is quite expensive and exclusive because it is grown at a higher altitude of over 7000 feet in lush and fertile climates. This allows the coffee beans to grow slowly and cultivate even deeper flavors, which are reflected in a vibrant and memorable cup of Joe.For a truly authentic Jamaican experience that celebrates your love of coffee, you can hike 7 miles up to the peak of the Blue Mountains, which has an altitude of 7402 feet. This is the highest peak on the island of Jamaica, and the hike itself is narrow and steep. On a completely clear day, you will be able to see it Port Antonio?s Navy Island, Bath Bay, and Kingston from the top of the mountain. You may even be able to make out the small shadow of Cuba, located 90 miles north of Jamaica. This 14 mile trail should take about seven hours, and it is best to started early in the morning so that you can reach the beautiful view at the top of the mountain by sunrise. After that, you are welcomed to finish up your day sipping on an authentic and delicious cup of Jamaica Blue Mountain Coffee while you are there. Traveling to this gorgeous country that exports coffee is a wonderful way to spend your vacation.